At the end of this Roman appointment tracing his life and career to date,
the Artist wishes to thank his public for their affection
with an invitation to meet again soon in other cities
Because the Exhibition continues..

Viewing The Best Years of Our Life!

All the affection I have received. The unconditional sharing of my thoughts. The unwavering perseverance with which you joined me in my journey as an artist. Making it yours also and enhancing it with your invaluable intuition. Rules and methods.
Your unfailing “belief” has brought a deep sense of meaning to a relationship that has survived unadulterated by change or incertitude.

“We are all on display” , coherent, convinced and unafraid. Fatigued.... but satisfied. We have shown ourselves with disarming simplicity. Music and travel; camping and sharing of experiences.
The harmony was hard-earned, well-deserved, and totally enjoyed. All taking place as time was stripping us of some tender dreams....making it hard for some souls to weather heavy storms.
We have all met again. There were sighs, but expressing irony and joy. Faces have changed, perhaps, but there is dignity and respect. That smile is still recognizable even in the dark!

Thank you for Zerolandia. For all the provocation. For allowing me to dare, to believe in myself, to mature, and release myself from the absurd and unacceptable burden of “Doubt” harboured by a few - of those who hang out on the very borders of human existence, for fear of being contaminated by Love.

Thank you for having inspired me. For your stories, both sad and tender, that have permeated my songs.

Thank you on behalf of my masks. From the beauty-case that has served to shelter me from the rather awkward 'labelling' on the part of some, and from the sheer monotony of being tied down to a desk - too unbearably confining for me.

Thank you my dear Rome for the inimitable grace with which you welcome my friends, and for your participation in their enthusiasm and joy.

And finally, thank you for Fonopoli. A brilliant initiative, so outstanding that those ‘in power’ were not even aware of its significance and vision. No problem, we’ll keep looking ahead.

An experience brimful of emotion and amazement, even for me. You have been so precious - for the heart and the mind but, in particular, for the soul. If the soul is no longer sings....
no longer masquerades.... no longer just dies.
Cheers to you all. To music. To life. And to Renato, who has never stooped to mediocrity.

Goodbye until we meet again. Be prepared. Enjoy life and take note. Observe and be enriched…. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t regret…. Get together and share your experiences… Silence has never lived here!


    in 280 pages, drawing on hitherto unexplored archives, describes the poetic, social and human journey of the most provocative and revolutionary artist of our time.

(La favola mia)

And I hide under makeup so that my life
won’t recognise me and walk away


(La tua idea)

Better pretend to be an acrobat
than consider yourself a a dwarf



Here I am: insult me, hurt me,
I am the way I am, take me or leave me


(Nei giardini che nessuno sa)

I’d give you my very eyes
for you to see what you can’t see


(Il cielo)

Sperm, your only strength, it’s all you’ve got,
but what sort of man are you
if you can’t reach for the sky